Business Information Check Up

Business Information Check Up

Beyond mere risk analysis, this procedure also simulates attacks in secure environments while testing the possibility of exploiting the detected vulnerabilities.

The tests conducted in a Business Information Check Up show how deeply it would be possible to infiltrate an organization’s systems and information by systematically exploiting loopholes which, taken separately, would apparently not pose a serious threat to business continuity.

Based on the OSSTMM methodology of ISECOM, the analysis spans the following levels:

Value Contribution

  • Provides the client with a detailed list of the vulnerabilities of the information contained within and outside their information systems, clearly stating the risk levels of each
  • Provides a current picture of corporate information risks, by analyzing networks, communications, critical applications, databases, and physical security
  • Evaluates security policies and the level of exposure of social-engineering attacks
  • Helps establish the appropriate priority order for patch and solution implementation
  • Based on this analysis and your specific business needs, you are able to outline a Corporate Security Strategy, as well as to issue specific recommendations for the mitigation of security risks.
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