Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Document your control framework, design your own evaluations, ensure operational effectiveness, and respond in an effective manner to issues relating to compliance with policies and standards.

Using our compliance management technology, you will gain centralized access to the automation of your compliance processes plus the ability to assess gaps and manage remediation efforts. This flexible web-driven tool enables you to document technical process and controls, by linking them to the adherence to applicable regulations; to execute risk models, tests, and continuity controls, and to monitor and address any identified gaps.

Moreover, our executive dashboards (control panels) will enable you to report assessments, results and remediation activities, both to your senior management and to the various regulatory authorities.


  • Integration of compliance processes and information that is fragmented or held within silos in your organization
  • Reduced time and costs via multi-compliance engineering … Do the work once and use it for various regulations and/or standards
  • Increased efficiency due to the automation of manual processes
  • Return on your investment, via its adaptability to third-party technologies
  • Rationalized processes to document, measure, and respond in an effective manner.
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