Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Were one of the pioneer companies worldwide to implement for our clients (and to incorporate internally) the standard for certification on Business Continuity (BS 25999).

We possess one of the best trained teams on contingency plans (DRP and BCP). Besides being recognized by certifying authorities as the leading consultancy on this matter, we have designed technology that facilitate the development and control of contingency plans and minimize both their long-term maintenance costs and the risk gaps associated to an eventual malfunction of such plans.

Our consultancy services for the analysis, design, implementation and/or auditing of a Business Continuity Plan include:

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)

High dependency on information technology and communications has driven the need for organizations to implement adequate preventive actions, and to be able to recover the ability to deliver IT services in a reasonable period of time aligned with their business process needs. GCP Global supports enterprises in the development, implementation, and improvement of their disaster recovery plans in all of their aspects, namely, identifying critical IT services and resources, understanding the risks and impact of interruptions, defining recovery strategies and plans, training the staff, conduct simulation exercises, and maintaining plans and related procedures up to date.

Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

La capacidad para restablecer las operaciones de TI y de negocio, ante eventos que pudieran interrumpir la habilidad de lograr sus objetivos estratégicos, es un elemento clave para todo tipo de organización. GCP Global brinda consultoría especializada, para desarrollar, implantar y mejorar sus planes de continuidad en todo su ciclo de vida, esto es, identificar sus procesos y recursos críticos, entender los riesgos e impactos por interrupciones, definir estrategias y planes de recuperación, concientizar y entrenar a las personas involucradas, realizar ejercicios de prueba y mantener actualizados los planes y procedimientos. Esto permite a nuestros clientes proteger sus recursos, su reputación y su relación con sus clientes y proveedores; además de la ventaja competitiva que representa el contar con una habilidad demostrada de mantener la continuidad de sus operaciones y cumplir con sus compromisos.

Business Continuity Management (BS 25999)

The advisory services of GCP Global enable enterprises to develop, implement, and manage technology and business plans consistent with BS 25999, the most recent international standard on this matter. Additional to establishing a best-practice continuity management, there is also the option of obtaining BS 25999 certification via an assessment by a widely-recognized external entity. This builds trust among your clients, vendors, stakeholders, partners, and your own staff.

GCP Global’s expert team implements business continuity solutions that enable enterprises to preserve their critical operations in a virtually normal manner, minimizing impacts on their business.
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