Identificación y Control de Amenazas a la Seguridad

Identification and Control of Security Threats

Accurately identify vulnerabilities and threats surrounding your information (IT) systems, your automated and manual business processes, policies, procedures, and security culture.

Depending on the scope of your security diagnostics, you will be enabled to identify, interrelate, categorize, and prioritize the identified issues and vulnerabilities. For this, we offer the following services and products:
  • ORCA© Software
    A software platform designed to optimize an enterprise’s Risk, Compliance, Security, and IT Governance Management processes.
  • Business Information Check Up
  • The most comprehensive information security testing service available. It can identify the best-hidden threats, due to its extensive scope and advanced analysis paradigms.
  • IT Security Assessments
    Timely risk-analysis and audit services focused on your Internet perimeter, internal networks, or applications.
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