ISO 27001 Implementation and Follow-Up

ISO 27001 is the standard that defines the requirements needed to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) within an organization. One of the major implementation challenges involves the design and prioritization of the critical activities that must align with the requirements set forth in the ISO 27001 standard.

Five reasons to turn to GCP Global for your ISO 27001 implementation needs:

  • BSI Americas fully relies on our experts to provide consultancy services for the execution of 27001:2005 certification pre-audits and audits
  • We develop technologies that streamline the implementation of the standard and facilitate its tracking and updating
  • We have one of Latin America’s most solid group of consultants and advisors
  • We have a long record of success stories in sectors including finance, telecommunications, retail, services, manufacturing, and government
  • We’re experts on security, able to implement an ISMS consistent with your business risk control policies

Benefits of Automating Implementation of your ISMS 27001

The built-in technologies of the ORCA© (Organizational Risk & Compliance) software platform will enable you to:
  • Manage all your ISMS (Information Security Management System) assets
  • Manage the vulnerabilities of ISMS related assets
  • Conduct the qualitative risk analysis mandated by the standard
  • Establish your risk-control model
  • Build a catalog of your threats and of the related ISO-27001 controls
  • Define plans to address your risks
  • Develop your SOA (Statement of Applicability).
  • Design, implement, and track your control implementation plan
  • Follow up on your implementation efforts
  • Follow up on your preventive and corrective efforts
  • Conduct internal audits on your ISMS
  • Monitor the control metrics of your ISMS.

Benefits of Automating your ISMS 27001

  • 50% shorter implementation times
  • 50% shorter follow-up and updating times
  • Development of all documentation relating to the standard
  • No need to invest on third-party consultancies in order to conduct

Gap Analyses

  • Your enterprise’s information security levels are improved in real time along with the implementation of the standard, and those levels are able to be measured using even quantitative methods that are not included within the standard
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