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Security Advisor is a unique software platform that centralizes the control and management of risks, including those related to Information Technology, compliance, and best practices, along with those related to security culture. Tests have shown Security advisor is up to 20 times more effective in the mitigation of threats than other traditional security solutions that only focus on IT. Among other features, Security Advisor empowers you to:
  • Identify and control security threats, detecting in a timely manner the risks in your information-system infrastructure, communications, organizational policies, and the working culture of your staff
  • Quantitatively assess risk via concrete and objective metrics, categorizing them by relevance within Risk Assessment Values (RAVs), and gain an objective picture of the risk realities inherent to each of the elements of your business
  • Simulate the potential impact of corrective efforts before implementing them, thus optimizing return on investment
  • Implement and audit the regulations, standards and best practices demanded by the market environment, as well as monitor compliance with such requirements
  • Prioritize remediation tasks and monitor compliance, in a centralized and intelligent manner
  • Identify vulnerabilities attributable to deficient security culture
  • ... and much more!

Various studies have shown that at least 80% of the vulnerabilities of business systems are due to individuals. Security Advisor includes this component in its analysis, which enables you to build a Security Intelligence practice by integrating in a single interface all the information required to implement an effective damage control process, regardless of your type of organization.

Security Advisor is a true pillar for any security intelligence system, because it gathers, in a single platform, many elements including, but not limited to, maps with the location of risks and their interactions, scenario simulations, management of historic data, generation of tests, quantitative risk metrics, and the implementation and compliance with regulations and standards.

Security Advisor is the tool of the future, but many organizations are already using it today.

How Security Advisor works

This PDF will show you the benefits of a single software platform to centralize the control and management of risks, including those affecting Information Technology and compliance with standards and regulations. Download it here

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