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It’s a proven fact that Security Advisor is up to 20 times more effective than other products in its class, when it comes to identifying and controlling risks.

  • Enables high-quality security and compliance testing, without any involvement by third parties
  • Identifies in a timely manner any attacks on your most vulnerable systems, whether they come from inside or outside of your organization
  • Evaluates accurately and quantitatively your risks related to information assets, systems, and/or key business processes
  • Effectively verifies the application of policies and standards
  • Makes it easier to understand test results, centralizing information in a global snapshot and integrating information from various tools in a single point of contact
  • Reduces up to 70% the time required to generate technical reports, and cuts up to 90% the time needed to create executive reports
  • Links IT security to compliance and culture, analyzing information in a global manner, in order to streamline planning and preventive processes
  • Maps security risks to those business processes that generate value
  • Provides objective variables that enable assessment of the performance of security actions and initiatives (by rating risks)
  • Manages and provides adequate follow-up of identified vulnerabilities and deviations (during diagnosis or audit), enabling timely responses
  • Features tools that involve senior management in the security process, by providing them graphic metrics of performance and of the achievement of security and compliance objectives (both current and historical)
  • Assesses the levels of security culture and compliance of large samples of users, with no involvement by third parties
  • Enables you to plan, organize and control the entire security standardization process
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