ORCA Software GRC Suite

Audit Management

Centrally manage audit plans, teams, processes and reports, to enhance your business efficiency and collaboration.

ORCA© Audit Management affords you control of the entire audit cycle, improving the governance and management of all the related activities, information, and review processes, but without the limitations posed by manual processes. ORCA© enables an overview of your auditing program, including plans, scheduling, risk assessment and prioritization, audit process management, and tracking of remediation tasks.

This solution will enable you to transform your manual auditing processes into a dynamic program that will increase efficiencies and shorten the timelines of your entire cycle.

  • Documents and conducts assessments of the risks within the entire auditing function, to determine the focus that the department should have; the configurable assessments show the risks associated to each of the auditing entities
  • Compiles the results of audit testing within configurable work environments, and also enables attached files and notes as supporting documentation for each review
  • Manages the shortcomings derived from eventual flaws in an audit process, enabling rapid responses to them and tracking the remediation process
  • Uses responses and executive dashboards (control panels) that make it possible to export every aspect of the audit information, thus enabling you to deliver professional reports to senior managers
  • Centralizes all information, documentation, and audit processes, correlating them to the evidence, observations, and notes of the auditing process—and it’s all done to one single repository
  • Share information among departments, update audit processes, automate workflows, and use historic information for other review processes
  • Quick return on investment, with a solution that you can implement yourself using preset accesses, roles, workflows, and reports
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