ORCA Software GRC Suite

Risk Management

Identify risks in your business, quantify them via online evaluations and metrics, and respond with tracking and remediation activities.

ORCA© Risk Management enables you to identify, control, and remediate the technology, financial, operational, and reputational risks that threaten to prevent achievement of your organizational objectives. It also provides an information centralization system that enables you to identify risks and assess the probability they may occur and the impact they may have, while mapping them to mitigation controls and keeping track of the solutions for any issues detected. ORCA© Risk Management will enable you to build a repository of the risks associated to your business goals, metrics and those events that may lead to business losses. Thus, you will be able to conduct evaluations to identify such risks within your business and manage the remediation processes while implementing your own risk model and automating, measuring and reporting every step of the process.

  • Enables the Recording, Control, Management and Tracking of remediation tasks for the various findings and/or incidents.
  • Automatically schedules tasks, including periodic evaluations, scans and notifications, enabling an ongoing improvement of your implementation strategies
  • Builds qualitative and quantitative risk assessment models
  • Personalizes the risk assessment models and metrics that may be built within ORCA or imported into it, enabling the user to make measurements using their own metrics for Operational, Financial, Technology, and Legal risks
  • Integrates and correlates IT Security information by means of risk controls and compliance actions
  • Reduced times and costs, by concentrating manual and isolated processes into a comprehensive and automated risk management system
  • Quick return on investment, by maximizing utilization of organizational, financial, technology, and human resources
  • Provides a full, multi-angle snapshot of your organization’s exposure to risk
  • Alignment with your own methodologies, with the ability to assess and model risks in a way that makes sense to your specific organization
  • Identifies those risks that may impact your corporate strategy.
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