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ORCA Suite Solutions

ORCA Software GRC Suite is a highly customizable software platform designed to optimize Risk, Compliance, Security, and IT Governance Management processes in order to enhance any enterprise’s operative efficiency and minimize its exposure to risk.

ORCA© enables your organization to enhance its operative efficiency and reduce its exposure to risk, by being able to integrate and correlate all the elements that constitute an organization within a single analysis model. ORCA© enables users to identify and analyze the risks present in business processes, rating them by their level of acuteness and providing information to support decision-making that translates into specific actions to counteract any threat. Additionally, it makes it possible to track the development of such actions and assess their effectiveness to take control of any threats that may impact the operation or strategies of an organization.

Its strong flexibility enables the use of ORCA© both as an “out-of-box” solution for basic users or as a “custom-implemented solution” for users with complex or very specific requirements. This means ORCA© is able to adapt to virtually any type compliance, IT security verification, or highly specific risk analysis needs—and much more.

Large multinational corporations in sectors including Finance, Telecommunications, Retail, and Government use ORCA© successfully. Each of them have achieved increased efficiency in the operative functions of their business and enhanced significantly their position in regards of operational, legal, financial, and reputation risks. Our major users include institutions with critical requirements in the areas of internal controls, enforcement of standards, and the control of legal and operational risks.

ORCA offers the solution to challenges including:

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