Security Management

Security Management

Track your threats via a centralized system that will enable you to prevent attacks before they impact on your organization.

Via our technologies to manage your organization’s security and threats, you will be able to build a repository consolidating every bit of information about threats, offer clear reports regarding threat tracking and remediation activities, and conduct a consistent and repeatable management process.

Additionally, this solution will enable you to:

  • Document geopolitical threats.
  • Consolidate vulnerabilities, malicious code, and information provided by vendors and by security solutions.
  • Centralize vulnerability scan results within one single and consistent threat and risk management system.


  • Supports decision-making by providing quick access to the information required to effectively allocate resources and protect important assets of your enterprise
  • Reduced costs and increased quality, via the centralization of threats and vulnerabilities, along with the implementation of consistent management, tracking, and remediation processes
  • Quick return on investment, with a solution that you can implement yourself using preset accesses, roles, workflows, and reports
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